Logo dell'ISTORECO

The Institute of the History of the Resistance and of Contemporary Society, in the Province of Livorno, ISTORECO, was constituted on September 30th 2008 and it is a non-profit association regulated by the legislative framework of the Italian Civil Code.

The official website is www.istorecolivorno.it

In accordance with its Statutes, ISTORECO facilitates the collection and preservation of documentary sources, promotes active remembrance and historical research as well as educational and cultural activities so as to deepen the understanding of contemporary society. It also disseminates and fosters awareness of contemporary history, particularly local and Tuscan Antifascism and Resistance, the Liberation struggle and the period from the establishment of the Republic to the present day, with specific reference to events occurring throughout the Province of Livorno.

ISTORECO is associated with the National Institute for the History of Liberation in Italy (INSMLI) through which it provides training activities accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. It also cooperates with the Institute of Historical Resistance in Tuscany (ISRT), other historical institutes of resistance and many other scientific and cultural associations and organisations.

ISTORECO works in strong collaboration with schools and institutes at all levels, primary, secondary and third level. It also deeply cooperates with local and public authorities, municipal, provincial and the regional government of Tuscany itself as well as with ANPI (National Association of Italian Partisans) and ANPPIA (the Anti-fascist National Association of Politically Persecuted People).

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the Institute focuses on:

  • a) The collection, acquisition and classification of documentary material on the Resistance and on contemporary history;
  • b) The promotion and coordination of research, events, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops and a wide variety of exchanges as well as both scholarly and popular publications. It also organises on site Remembrance Celebrations throughout Italy and abroad;
  • c) The design and implementation of educational programs aimed at spreading knowledge of events related to the National Liberation Movement and contemporary history, in schools;
  • d) Collection of artifacts and memorabilia of the anti-fascist struggle and the Resistance period.